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February 12, 2015

Planning for the 2015 International ‘Love Your Local Market’ (LYLM) Celebration is well underway. This year the celebration will take place from 15-30 May 2015 and is already set to include markets in The UK, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, and the Netherlands.

The 2015 themes will include “Markets Feeding the World” and “Markets Saving Food” alongside national or local themes.

WUWM member markets and affiliates in various countries use this event to promote their retail markets using the LYLM logo and marketing campaign strategy which has proven so successful at uniting and promoting markets within the UK and France over the past few years. (For more information on the UK national celebration visit: http://www.loveyourlocalmarket.org.uk/)

In 2014 Hong Kong joined European markets from the UK, France, Italy and Spain to promote various retail and wholesale markets with the intention of beneficially supporting the growth and development of small and medium sized businesses. These campaigns are most-often initiated by interested market managers and traders who wish to join the growing number of active LYLM campaign supporters, using social media and customer satisfaction to highlight their local market wares and activities.

More information on other international activities being held to celebrate markets will be provided here soon. Be sure to register your market's participation by emailing the WUWM Secretariat.