Join us in the international ‘Love Your Local Campaign’ (LYLM) for 2015!

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April 28, 2015

We currently have over 2,000 retail and wholesale markets from 16 countries participating in the international ‘Love Your Local Market’ (LYLM) 2015, taking place all over the world this May. Participating countries currently include: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Hong Kong, China, and the USA!

If you have not seen an example of LYLM in action, please watch this video taken on a UK market (the originating country of LYLM) which was celebrating the event in 2014:

The minutes resulting from past meetings of the WUWM international LYLM committee are available in the member-only section of the WUWM website.

The first goal of LYLM is the generation of new market traders, the second goal is to increase the profile of markets before local and national authorities, and the third goal is to secure funding for markets. This celebration is an excellent occasion to publicise our pride in all forms of markets - and an important WUWM activity to link our wholesale and retail membership all over the world. LYLM is not only a celebration of retail markets - wholesale markets also have an important part to play in this campaign!

Join in spreading the LYLM 2015 message: Markets Save, Markets Create! Help us tell the world, from the general public to important decision makers and institutions, the role that markets play in saving jobs, saving the environment, saving on waste, saving tradition and culture, saving food, and saving money! Markets also create - they create jobs, create small businesses, create fun, create excitement, create community, and create opportunities to buy fresh, healthy food! Let’s spread the word with the LYLM campaign!

We already have many language versions of the LYLM campaign logo. Do we the LYLM logo in yours?! Please contact us to find out more on how your wholesale and/or retail markets can participate in, and benefit from, this important activity. WUWM will shortly launch a new website to facilitate the annual LYLM celebration and unite retail markets all over the world. News about that will come to you soon! Are you interested to see what other countries are doing with the LYLM campaign nationally in 2015? Visit the following websites to find out more:

UK –

France –

Holland –

Ireland –

Barcelona (Spain) –





Don’t forget to join us on Twitter (WUWMarkets) and Facebook (World-Union-of-Wholesale-Markets)!