Mercabarna Looks to Reducing Food Waste

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September 10, 2015

The wholesale market of Mercabarna has commissioned a study to analyse the main causes of food waste and improve food management on the market.

Stepping up its fight against food waste, the study analysis will recommend solutions to keep losses to a minimum. The work, to be carried out by Barcelona’s Universidat Autònoma (UAB) and the Platform Aprofitem els Aliments (PPA), a non-profit organisation that has won the support of various representatives of the food chain and government, will be completed by the end of 2015.

The review will look in-depth at the activity of all operators on the market – producers, wholesalers, distributors and foodservice operators – to find the main causes of food waste and come up with concrete proposals to reduce levels and improve the management of organic waste.

As one of the leading logistics operators in Southern Europe, Mercabarna is a key contributor to Catalonia’s food supply. The market currently recycles 72 per cent of its commercial waste.  The total waste generated in Mercabarna is 22,630,000 kg per year. On the other hand, Mercabarna is also working with a Food Bank since 2002, contributing annually some 600,000 kg of fresh food (products that are no longer sold but are still good to consume) for distribution to people in need.