Mário Maurici Departs CEAGESP

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November 16, 2015

The Chairman of the Brazilian Markets Association ABRACEN and President of the Sao Paulo Wholesale Market (CEAGESP), Mr Mário Maurici de Lima Morais, recently left the wholesale market sector for a new professional challenge.

As a member of the WUWM Board of Directors the past year, Mario Maurici was instrumental in securing the recent WUWM conference for the city of Campinas, and ensuring the success of that event. His professionalism and ongoing contribution will be missed by many markets and WUWM members throughout the world. WUWM takes this opportunity to thank Mario for his excellent collaboration and especially for his role in supporting Brazil and the Latin American region generally while in that capacity.

After nearly six years of work in the supply sector, Maurici has now left all of his professional activity on the boards of CEAGESP, the Brazilian Association of Wholesale Markets - ABRACEN, the Latin American Federation FLAMA, and WUWM.

Regarding this chapter of his career, he noted to WUWM that “it was an extremely useful and gratifying period because with the contribution of my companions I was able to participate in many advances in the improvement and modernization of Brazilian wholesale markets and other countries.”

“We enriched the debate about the impact of climate change in the production of fresh food during the last WUWM Congress in the city of Campinas, Brazil; we’ve treated projects and suggestions that can help in improving the encouragement and regulation of production and distribution of healthier foods; we’ve contributed to the professional development of many market players, and other activities whose results will certainly be seen in the near future” he said.

“I thank all of the CEAGESP employees, chargers, traders, etc - to friends from the other Brazilian markets, to my peers in ABRACEN, FLAMA and WUWM, for their companionship, dedication and affection. Certainly your contribution was decisive to making this a period that had everything to be very difficult in a light, cheerful and productive journey” he concluded.

In farewell he notes to the WUWM membership: “I am sure that our journeys will continue crossing in search of a more just and fraternal world. I will miss you all!”

Mr Maurici has left to take up the challenge of the role of Vice-President of the Brazilian Communication Company (EBC).