Andreas Foidl Departs the Berlin Wholesale Market

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November 18, 2015

Andreas Foidl will leave the Berlin Wholesale Market GmbH at the end of 2015, after working for the market for the past eleven years.

As the Berlin Wholesale Market's sole managing director, the 53-year-old business administration graduate developed it into a thoroughly modern fresh produce centre. The past few years have been marked by comprehensive reorganisation measures, expansions and relocations. The willingness of the Berlin Wholesale Market to invest during this time was an important signal for other partner companies to realise their expansion plans at the market. With an annual volume of 750,000 tons of foodstuffs of all kinds, as well as flowers and plants, the Berlin Wholesale Market is one of the largest and most important fresh produce centres in Germany.

Under Foidl's leadership, Berlin's consumer market halls experienced a renaissance thanks to bold new concepts, and are now an indispensable part of the city. A particular highlight is the Marheineke Market Hall in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which has enjoyed increasing national and international popularity since it's redevelopment in 2007.

Andreas Foidl will be sorely missed by WUWM and its membership. He was an active member having hosted the 2012 WUWM Berlin Conference, having worked also as a member of the WUWM Member Accounting Committee, and being a long-time partner in various WUWM European working groups. Next to those activities, Andreas Foidl has also been a Board member of the Association of German Wholesale Markets (GFI) for the past ten years, solidifying international relations with the German market sector in the process.

From 2016, Andreas Foidl will be a partner at Belius GmbH which is involved in the financing and planning of project and neighbourhood development. Belius GmbH is active in the development of urban neighbourhoods, user-oriented spatial strategies and innovative utilisation concepts for conversion sites, mainly in Berlin and Brandenburg.

We wish you all the best in your new position Andreas!