Rungis to Invest €1 billion by 2025

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November 30, 2015

A 'Rungis 2025' plan to invest €1 billion by 2025 has been revealed, with the aim to support the market’s long-term growth and sustainability. The plan has two phases that include the renovation of its cold storage facilities, as well as the development of a number of new facilities, which will result not only in an enlargement of its total capacity but also the renovation of 20% of the market.

Millions of square metres of cold storage will be renovated in the plan due to the fact that these warehouses date back to 1969 when the market was moved from the centre of Paris to Rungis. An additional 132,000 m2 of cold storage capacity will be abolished with some 264,000 m2 newly built. A number of new facilities are currently being developed, including a gastronomy pavilion dedicated to premium and organic fresh products. The pavilion covers 6,000 m2 and will be open by 2016. Some 12 million euros have already been invested in the new facility.

Every year about 2.5 million tons of food passes through Rungis which currently covers 234 hectares and houses some 1,200 companies. Half of the project investment will be met by Semmaris - the management company of the market, with the wholesalers investing the remainder. Semmaris is owned by the French state (33.34%), by Altarea (33.34%), by the City of Paris (13.9%), by the department Val-de-Marne (5.6%), by the wholesalers (9.93%), with the remaining 4.6% from local cash deposits.

There will also be investment in future e-commerce businesses. Rungis aims to encourage companies that focus on the online sale of fresh produce to establish themselves at the market, alongside the various internet companies already based there. New warehouses will be built that facilitate the logistical needs of internet companies.

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