WUWM Secretariat Developments

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February 2, 2016

During the recent Board of Directors Meeting which was held in the offices of the WUWM Secretariat in The Hague 28-29 January, the WUWM Chairman and Board had the pleasure to thank our Secretary General, Maria Cavit, for her contribution and commitment to the WUWM having just celebrated 20 years of work for our organisation. In acknowledgement of her hard work and leadership of the Union throughout this long period of its history, a plaque of gratitude was awarded Maria on behalf of the Board and membership.

Having fulfilled the role of Secretary General with such success, and for so long a period, it was therefore with great surprise and deep regret that the WUWM Board was informed just prior to this annual meeting, that Maria intends to depart from the WUWM in 2016. After consultation together, it was agreed that Maria will reduce her current workload, taking the opportunity over the coming months to gradually pass over the responsibility of the management of our association. Being a small association with a membership so globally widespread, we thank her for her kind consideration and support of WUWM’s needs and interests during this resignation process. To this end, the WUWM Board have agreed to the Secretary General reducing her workload to 20 hours per week from 1 April, with the intention that she be able to cease work for the WUWM by the end of May 2016.

Alongside this change, the Board took the opportunity to acknowledge the good work of Natalia Barragan who has held the position of WUWM Membership & Information Officer for the past 9 years. It has been agreed that Natalia will continue with her current duties, as well as take on board some tasks of the Secretary General, in the months to come. To better reflect Natalia’s ongoing valuable contribution to the Union and those additional new duties, it was agreed that her title will be changed to the WUWM Communications & Event Manager, with immediate effect.

It is intended for the next few months, that a small working team of the WUWM Board comprising the Chairman (Manuel Estrada), vice Chairman (Donald Darnall), Retail Chairman (Jean-Paul Auguste) and Secretary General (Maria Cavit) will review the Secretary General’s tasks and responsibilities and present the membership with an update on where things are seen to stand regarding the WUWM Secretariat in the future. This review will be given during the WUWM Membership Meeting to be held during the WUWM Lublin Conference from May 18-20 in Poland. If you would like to contribute ideas or feedback to the working group, please feel free to contact one of the members of the working team in the coming period.

We take this opportunity to thank both Maria and Natalia, as well as the WUWM Board itself, for the good relations and consideration shown the Union and membership throughout this period of change, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible during the Lublin Conference this May.

Manuel Estrada and Don Darnall

WUWM Chairman and Vice Chairman