WUWM-CIRPS International Market Photography Competition: Winners Announcement!

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April 4, 2016

In 2015 the Italian Chapter of the Royal Photographic Society (CIRPS) joined forces with the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) to promote an international photographic competition which aimed to pictorially express the importance and love people have for their local food markets all over the globe.

The competition entitled: “I love my food market” drew attention to the role these food markets play in improving the availability of healthy and nutritious food to consumers, as well as the way markets enhance food security, and revitalize local communities.

The competition offers two main prizes - one award for the ‘WUWM Photographer of the Year’ and a second award for the ‘WUWM Young Photographer of the Year’ - a category open to budding young photographers (under 27 years of age).

In announcing the competition winners today, WUWM Secretary General, Maria Cavit, notes the quality of the submissions received. “The response to the competition is heart-warming. We have received submissions from people of all ages, and from many diverse countries, all over the world. Clearly the economic, cultural, social, environmental and entrepreneurial benefits of wholesale and retail food markets spans the globe!” she said. “We thank all those photographers, both amateur and professional, who contributed to this project.”

The Competition Results

- WUWM Photographer of the Year, 2016

Mr Ben Chung Kim-pan is 33 years old and from Hong Kong. He is an amateur photographer. His motivation to pursue photography is simple: “Taking photos makes me happy.” In this competition he has won both an award photo as well as a ‘highly commended’ photo. Regarding the subject of his award winning photo he explains: “I found this an interesting topic to photographically depict here in Hong Kong. In the past there has been occasion for the public to have low confidence in food safety matters, and so I am glad that WUWM is helping to globally promote food safety, nutrition and market management – these are also important issues in China and Hong Kong. I am glad to see that the western style of market is becoming more popular here.”

The highly commended photo contributed by Ben Chung Kim-pan is below:


- WUWM Young Photographer of the Year, 2016

Mr Eetu Ahanen is a self-taught freelancer event and lifestyle photographer from Helsinki, Finland. Mr Ahanen is interested in urban culture, communality, and grassroots cultural activism. In his work he focusses on people and capturing brief moments. "I like taking photos at events which are trying to make a permanent change to everyday urban life, events that create the dream of more vibrant and joyful cities", he says.

Mr Ahanen took the winning photo at Helsinki Night Market whilst working for Teurastamo, the old abattoir of Helsinki which is nowadays a food and urban culture centre. Helsinki Night Market 2015 was the third edition of the event, which took its inspiration from Asian food markets.

"I wanted to take a photo of the whole area just after sunset, so we brought a scissor lift into the centre of the area. It was a weird feeling being in the middle of the crowd and lifting up towards the sky", he tells. 

Four photos were also highlighted for special commendation in the competition. Those winning photographers and pictures were as follows:                                                                                         

- Highly Commended’ Photo Winners:

Squall Kwok Hei Chu is an amateur photographer. Mr Chu notes that “Food markets are very important to me in my daily life.” In response to this credit he intends to continue his photographic studies, remaining open to various subject matter. “I believe photography can heal the human soul” he says. “It helps people to release the stress of daily life and I hope on my path of development in photography that I can share this happiness with others”.

Yip Shiu Kuen Winnie entered the WUWM-CIRPS market photo competition as a chance to challenge both her latent and newly acquired photographic skills. “I am overjoyed to have received this prize” she says. “Market are a common but very important role in the daily life of everyone everywhere. Many shopkeepers are kept busy in the important work of preparing healthy and different foods for their customers... giving people access to good quality and fresh ingredients for cooking delicious meals for their family.”

Wai Yum Leung is an amateur photographer. His photo “Green Tea Leaf” was captured when recently travelling for sightseeing in Japan. The market is located in the city of Tokyo. He explains: “I saw a long queue in front of a green tea leaf stall, so I decided to walk up to it and look more closely. I found the seller dressed in green, with a full smile on his face. It seemed to me that he was very much enjoying his job even though the workload was very high. I captured this moment in order to show just how much he enjoyed the moment!”


The competition judging panel included the following persons:

1. Olivio Argenti FRPS, President of CIRPS, Rome, Italy (President of the Jury)
2. Luciano Corvaglia, post-production and printing specialist, Rome, Italy
3. Carlo Dianzani, WUWM Honorary Chairman, Florence, Italy;
4. Clare Harris, Editor of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Journal, in the UK;
5. Carla Magrelli, CEO of Sie Photography in Rome, Italy; and
6. Simon Roberts HonFRPS, Photographer & Member of the RPS Distinction Panels, in the UK.

The winners will all receive cash prizes from WUWM, medals and books from the RPS and some tuition support from the CIRPS.