WUWM Board Elections

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April 2, 2016

WUWM Board of Director elections will be held during the Membership Meeting which will take place on Friday 20 May 2016, during the WUWM Conference to be held in Lublin, Poland.

Information on the election process and candidates was sent in February and March to the WUWM Membership by post and email. The second mailing included an official voting proxy form for members not able to be in attendance in Lublin to vote directly.

The current Board mandates are as listed below:

(Mandate expiry May2016):

Chairman: Mr Manuel Estrada, Mercasa, Madrid, Spain

Vice-Chairman: Dr Donald Darnall, MFCA, Baltimore, USA

(Mandate expiry May 2016):

Mr Zengjun Ma, CAWA, Beijing, China

Mr Timo Taulavuori Helsinki Market, Finland

Mrs Jan Lloyd, London, UK

Mr Jean-Paul Auguste, Geraud, France

(Mandate expiry May 2017):

Mr Stéphane Layani, Paris, France

Mr Grzegorz Hempowicz, Poznan, Poland

Dr J.S. Yadav, New Delhi, India

Mr Andrés de Pando, Mercasa, Madrid, Spain

Mr Fabio Massimo Pallottini, CAR, Rome, Italy

Mr Mário Maurici de Lima Morais, Brasilia, Brazil

Mr Ioannis (John) Triantafyllis, CMO, Athens, Greece

In follow up to the 8 February 2016 call for nominations, the following persons requested to stand for election/re-election. All candidates delivered their nominations in good time prior to the deadline of 18 March 2016.

The candidate nominations received for these elections were:

(1) Vice Chairman nomination for one (1) open position:

·         Zengjun Ma, CAWA, China

(5) Director nominations for four (4) open positions:

·         Laurent Nys, Mabru, Belgium

·         Josep Tejedo, Mercabarna, Spain

·         Jean-Paul Auguste, Geraud, France

·         Jonas Nilsson, Stockholm Flower Market, Sweden

·         Eliane Steinmeyer, Hamburg Market, Germany

All the candidates have provided information on their candidature and experience which has been uploaded to the WUWM website member-only section.

Please do not hesitate to contact the WUWM Secretariat if you have any queries.