Food Markets in 15 Countries Unite Together for the ‘Love Your Local Market’ (LYLM) Campaign in 2016

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April 26, 2016

An anticipated 3,000 retail and wholesale markets from 15 countries will come together to celebrate ‘Love Your Local Market’ (LYLM) throughout the month of May 2016. This global public campaign both celebrates and promotes many aspects of the life, fun and positive contribution offered by markets to their local communities and economies.

Markets will celebrate nationally in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Hong Kong and the USA. This campaign is a fun occasion for people from all ages and walks of life, with participating market traders offering customers prize giveaways, competitions, public workshops, seminars, food tastings, product deals, local entertainment, arts, craft and displays, in a variety of actions and activities throughout May - the month of markets.

While many countries will promote a local or national message during their campaign, the international slogan for LYLM 2016 is: Markets - your healthy choice! This theme highlights the role that markets play in supporting public health, as well as in contributing to the good health of local economies and communities.

European LYLM Launch

As in previous years, the European countries participating in LYLM2016 will sign a WUWM Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and hold a united official launch to celebrate the start of the campaign. This year the LYLM2016 launch will be held in the City Hall of Paris on 1 May 2016. Attending this international LYLM event in Paris will be a number of markets and national market associations within Europe, including the UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

(See the attached LYLM MoU for a complete list of LYLM2016 participating national, city and regional market networks.)

National campaign overviews

The United Kingdom national campaign, taking place between 17-31 May, will have a specific focus on attracting young people to markets - both as shoppers and traders, encouraging operators to host Youth Markets, with exceptional traders being put forward to participate in the National Youth Market in Manchester in September. (For more information see: The UK campaign will be launched on May 11th at a House of Commons Reception co-hosted by the National Association of British Market Authorities and the UK Market Traders Federation. It is anticipated that over 1,000 UK markets will be taking part in the 2016 campaign.  To find out more use #LYLM2016 across social media.

The German LYLM campaign carrying the slogan ‘Erlebe Deinen Markt’ (Experience your market), is snowballing according to Uwe Kluge, chairman of the German Fresh Food Markets (GFI) board and managing director of Bremen Wholesale Market. “The German première in 2015, when 60 markets in 12 regions took part, was such a success that this year 150 markets in 30 regions of Germany are joining in. Although it is only our second year, this catapults us into third place among the European participants, after England and France. And 50 more markets have already announced that they will take part in 2017.”

The French national LYLM campaign J'aime mon marché, will be held 13-29 May and will be sponsored by Mr Jean-Luc PETITERENAUD, a food columnist with several programmes on French TV and radio. More than 500 markets wholesale and retail food markets in France will participate in the campaign and offer a variety of activities, including a lottery, various food tastings, entertainment and customer give-aways. More information can be found on: and on French social media (Facebook and Twitter) under “J’aime mon Marché”.

The national launch of the LYLM campaign in Belgium will take place on the 4th of May at 11am, and will be held in the premises of the wholesale market of Brussels, Mabru asbl. It will be conducted in the presence of the deputy mayor for economic affairs of the City of Brussels, Mrs Marion Lemesre, with a small press reception. The Belgium campaign: J'aime Mon Marché will see the participation of the market of MABRU, as well as some 29 retail markets in the ETS Charve network, alongside 8 retail markets from the City of Brussels.

In Denmark at the Torvehallerne Market in Copenhagen, from 23-31 May market traders will make an extra effort to pay tribute to their regular customers. The market’s director Mr Niels Brandt informs: “All of our traders will get a bunch of Torvehallerne shopping bags so that they can treat their regular customers with 'a little extra' service and treats. We want our customers to know how much we appreciate them!” The market will also run a LYLM social media competition asking customers what they love about their local market, an initiative which in 2015 provided the market’s management with valuable insight.

The Geraud Market, Madkaravanen, in Denmark is a new market that will use LYLM 2016 to build-up its base of loyal customers and encourage new people to the market. They will conduct a LYLM2016 week that is designed to bring traders and their customers closer together. The market will use social Media (#mitlokalemarked) to promote small portraits of each trader, in order to enable customers to come to know their local traders better.

The Netherlands LYLM campaign will take place the first half of May. The campaign ‘Ik hou van mijn markt’ first took place in 2015 and was successful in strengthening links between market traders, market authorities and local decision-makers. More information on the LYLM 2016 campaign is available by visiting:

In Spain over 100 retail markets in the city of Vigo and the region of Galicia will participate in LYLM for the second time. Their 2016 campaign will be officially launched on 30 April by the Mayor of Vigo.

The Madrid Markets network will also participate in LYLM in the second half of May. Their activities include an urban advertising campaign being held from 16-22 May and a series of market fairs on 21, 28 May and 4 June held in public squares near the markets of Barceló, Tirso de Molina and Prosperidad. Information will be published to their website ( and also in social media and their application MERCAMAD.

In Hungary the LYLM campaign will take place between 23-29 May on four markets of Budapest. They will focus on building loyalty and community with customers, and use the campaign to attract increased numbers of young people to their markets. During the LYLM ’Szeresd a piacodat!’ campaign, market traders will make efforts to pay tribute to their regular customers, giving extra discounts, special offers and small gifts. The four participating markets will also organize community fairs - popular amongst young people, and the campaign will also be focused on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) with #LYLM2016 and #szeresdapiacodat.

Wholesale markets also participating

LYLM 2016 will not only include public retail markets, as wholesale markets will also have an important part to play in the campaign with many offering promotional and marketing support of the event.

In Spain the wholesale markets will be particularly active in LYLM 2016. In the wholesale market of Mercabarna in Barcelona, a press conference will launch the campaign on 4 May, together with IMMB, the city’s retail market network. Over 800 children will participate in ‘5 a Day’ activities within Mercabarna for two weeks during the campaign period. Posters will engage traders in the market, and a photo call will be available at the entrance of the fruit and fish markets in order that wholesalers and buyers may place their photo on Instagram.

Activities in the wholesale market of Mercagranada will include school visits, sporting events, give- away produce baskets between followers on social networks, and the use of LYLM merchandising to give visibility to the campaign.

In Poland the Lublin Wholesale Market SA in Elizówka will take part in the campaign to highlight the diversity and quality of products available on their wholesale market. Activities will be directed towards companies buying on the market, as well as to retail consumers wishing to broaden their knowledge of the regional products available there. During the campaign the market has planned a variety of activities and surprises, and will offer tips that encourage consumers to minimize food loss.

More information on participating country LYLM campaigns…

More information on the campaigns of the participating markets and networks will be made available on which aims to unite the various participating national LYLM actions and activities.

Direct information from markets and their national associations participating in LYLM 2016 is available by visiting the following LYLM websites:

WUWM LYLM Global Campaign

Sweden –
Germany –

Greece -

Belgium -

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