30th WUWM Congress being held in Changsha, China

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September 22, 2016

500 food market professionals from 17 countries are meeting in Changsha, China, during the 30th WUWM Congress to discuss issues over “Integration & Innovation –Intelligent Development of Wholesale Markets”

The congress is being hosted by the China Agricultural Wholesale Markets Association and the World Union of Wholesale Markets, in collaboration with China People's Government of Yuhua District, Changsha City and Hunan Hongxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Tomorrow delegates will visit two markets: Hongxing Farm & Sideline Products Market and Changsha HiGreen Wholesale Market.

Hongxing Farm & Sideline Products Market

Hongxing Farm & Sideline Products Market is mainly specialized in the wholesale of fresh agricultural products and processed agricultural products. Currently, it consists of nine sections including vegetables, fruits, grain and oil, meat, aquatic products, flowers and plants, non-staple food, groceries and general merchandise, with over 4,000 traders. Farm and sideline product transactions currently occur between 28 Chinese provinces, cities and regions as well as several countries in Southeast Asia. In 2015, the economic turnover of the market reached RMB 30.6 billion with a volume reaching 4.17 million tons. The volumes of vegetable trading, fruit trading, meat trading and aquatic trading accounted for 40%, 95%, 70% and 70% of Changsha’s total volumes respectively.

Changsha HiGreen Wholesale Market

With the rapid economic growth and dramatic urbanization over the past 36 years taken place in China, Changsha has become the most important hub of vegetable supply chain in the country, thanks to its advantageous geographic location which lies in the heart of the densely populated province of Hunan with 70 million people and right on the cross point of two most important national express motorways, i.e. the north-south expressway of Beijing-Hong Kong and the east-west expressway of Shanghai-Guiyang-Kunming. Even before the relocation, the Mawangdui Vegetable Market has been supplying vegetables to meet 85% of local demand (plus 90% local market share of seafood & fresh water fishes) and 60% of the demand by the rest area of the province. Due to drastic improvement of logistic efficiency at the newly opened HiGreen Market, the daily volume of vegetables trading has been increased by 30% in a very short period of time. With around 9,000 vehicles from suppliers and buyers entering the market each day, averagely 8,000 tons vegetables of more than 150 categories from farm producers in 23 provinces are traded daily, with one third to meet the local demand and two third to be transported to other cities of Hunan province and neighboring regions in adjacent provinces of Hubei, Jiangxi, and Guangxi for second level wholesaling.

The market covers a land area of 66.8 ha., with the southern half already developed as phase 1 of the project with a total constructed floor area of 170,000?. The main products traded in phase 1 are vegetables, pork, grain & edible oil, and packaged food (phase 2 of the market is to be completed in two years to include fruits and seafood & fresh water fishes).

Attached you will see the full programme of the event.