WUWM Chairman: Year in Summary

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December 22, 2016

As WUWM Chairman it gives me great pleasure to address you all in this last edition of the WUWM newsletter for 2016, and I take this opportunity to wish you and all your families a very happy festive season, and a healthy and prosperous new year.

This year the WUWM improved and strengthened its internal knowledge base and expertise, it also highlighted the important role fresh food markets play in providing fresh and healthy food to heavily populated urban environments. Our work also helped to educate all levels of decision-making about the importance of developing and supporting sustainable plans for fresh food storage, distribution, processing and logistics. 

Like most successful organizations, the WUWM leadership is responsible for ensuring that it continues to change and evolve in order to meet the needs of the fresh food market industry. The WUWM Board of Directors continues to work towards ensuring the organization’s sustainability and its continued relevance to the fresh food market industry. 

In 2016, consistent with its goal to support the fresh food market industry, the WUWM engaged in the various initiatives, including the 2016 WUWM Market Awards to the theme: Effectiveness in Reducing Food Loss & Food Waste on the Market. We also held the WUWM/CIRPS Market Photo Competition, and continued our work to support the “Love Your Local Market” (LYLM) global campaign which has become the largest market event of its type in the world. In lobbying we kept an active presence in European Commission meetings and activities, and globally we continued our collaboration with the FAO, being present in various symposiums as well as in the development of fresh food market fact-based promotional information.

Additionally WUWM held two main conferences in 2016. The Lublin Wholesale Market JSC in Elizowka, Poland was host to the spring conference with the theme “Fresh Markets: Permanent Evolution in the Times of Change”, and the Chinese Wholesale Market Association (CAWA) hosted the fall conference in Changsha, China with the theme “Integration & Innovation: Intelligent Development of Wholesale Markets.” I give tremendous thanks to our conference hosts as these two very important events provided crucial platforms for promoting and supporting fresh food markets worldwide. 

The year 2016 was a milestone year for the WUWM Secretary General, Maria Cavit, who was acknowledge by the WUWM Board for her 20 years of exceptional service, love and dedication to our organization. Any person who has had the pleasure of meeting and becoming associated with Ms. Cavit will undoubtedly testify to both her commitment to the ensuring WUWM’s success, and to providing the best possible support to all members. We also acknowledge the immense contribution made throughout the year by Natalia Barragan, who also shortly celebrates the milestone of 10 years of service to WUWM. Natalia works with great loyalty and dedication, playing a vital role in our small team within the WUWM Secretariat. I also thank my fellow WUWM Board members for their continued support and valuable contribution.

I look forward to working with all of you as we go forward into 2017, and face together the challenges of an ever-changing global fresh food industry.

Dr. Donald J. Darnall, Chairman, WUWM