LYLM is preparing for take off…

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February 28, 2018

May, the “month of the markets” is approaching and participants from more than 18 countries are preparing the different activities to promote their markets. An anticipated 4,0000 retail and wholesale markets will come together to celebrate ‘Love Your Local Market’ (LYLM) .

This campaign is a fun occasion for people from all ages and walks of life, with participating market traders offering customers prize giveaways, competitions, public workshops, seminars, food tastings, product deals, local entertainment, arts, craft and displays, in a variety of actions and activities throughout May.

European LYLM Launch

As in previous years, the European countries participating in LYLM2018 will sign a WUWM Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and hold a united official launch to celebrate the start of the campaign. This year the LYLM2018 launch will be held in the Athens, Greece on 5 May 2018 hosted by Central Markets and Fishery Organization (CMFO). Attending this international LYLM event in Greece will be a number of markets and national market associations within Europe, including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Hungary, Portugal and Belgium.

National campaign overviews can be found below:

UK –

France –

Ireland –

Barcelona –

Germany –

Greece -

Galicia –

Belgium -


If you would like to join the 2018 global Love Your Local Market (LYLM) Campaign, please contact the WUWM Secretariat!