WUWM Welcomes New Chairman and Board

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May 5, 2018

Board elections were recently conducted during the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) annual general meeting held in Barcelona, Spain from 16-18 April 2018.

During this event, Mr Zengjun Ma, Chairman of China National Agricultural Wholesale Market Association (CAWA) assumed the position of WUWM Chairman, taking over from Dr Donald J. Darnall, Executive Director of Maryland Food Center Authority. Additionally, Mr Stéphane Layani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Semmaris - the management company of the Rungis International Market was elected Vice-Chairman.

On his succession to the Chair position, Mr Ma noted his enthusiasm for being offered the opportunity to serve WUWM. A member of the WUWM Board for several years, he informed of his pride at the significant progress that had been made the past 2 years under the leadership of Donald Darnall. He expressed to be confident that WUWM would continue as a unique worldwide knowledge community on food markets both wholesale and retail, and the premier international organization in its sector to support and promote food markets, promoting their important role in local food supply chains, and as effective organization for the exchange of ideas and professional experience among its more than 225 members all over the world.

“The past two years witnessed WUWM’s advancement under the leadership of Dr. Donald Darnall, especially his thoughts about delivering more services to our membership in an easy-to-get way with “take-home” benefits. Being elected WUWM Chairman I will work with Board of Directors and dedicate myself in innovating our service to the members based on the foundation laid by my predecessors.

My major goals will be: to facilitate international communications between wholesale markets in developed countries and developing countries; to carry out researches on e-commerce in wholesale markets and pursue effective ways of promoting its combination with wholesale markets; to strengthen cooperation between wholesale markets & retail markets.

It is my mission to fortify the vital role of wholesale markets in a global food supply chain. I’m looking forward to joining hands with you to make the wholesale markets a better place”

Additional to the Chairman’s succession and the vice-Chairman election, five Director Positions on the WUWM Board were also open to election. The persons successful in being elected were:

Mr Jean-Paul Auguste, Geraud, France
Mr Laurent Nys, Mabru, Belgium
Mr Josep Tejedo, Mercabarna, Spain
Mrs Eliane Steinmeyer, Hamburg Market, Germany
Mr Rui Paulo Figueiredo, Lisbon Wholesale Market, Portugal

These persons, with mandates through until May 2020, now join the remainder of the WUWM Board of Directors (mandated until May 2019) which includes:

Mr Michal Kostelecki, Tychy, Poland
Dr J.S. Yadav, New Delhi, India
Mrs Maria González, Mercasa, Madrid, Spain
Mr Fabio Massimo Pallottini, CAR, Rome, Italy
Mr Gustavo Alberto França Fonseca, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mr Ioannis (John) Triantafyllis, CMO, Athens, Greece

On this occasion the WUWM Board decided to granted Dr Donald Darnall the status of Honorary Chairman for his outstanding contribution to the WUWM not only during his term as Chairman but also for his continuous support to WUWM as part of the Board and member.