WUWM Chairman Visited WUWM Secretariat, Working Meeting Held in The Hague

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June 25, 2018

Ma Zengjun the Chairman of World Union of Wholesale Markets recently paid a visit to the WUWM Secretariat office in The Hague, Netherlands on 18th of June, marking this the first official visit and working meeting during his chairmanship with WUWM employees regarding the organization’s daily work & operations.

Natalia Barragan the Executive Secretary, Marina Dordic the Finance/Administration Support Officer and Konstandinos Kaiopoulos Senior Advisor joined this working meeting. Mr. Ma listened carefully working reports from Natalia, Marina and Konstandinos, and offered them concrete guidance on how to deal with problems faced in daily work.

During this working meeting, Mr. Ma held candid and amicable discussions with the three WUWM staff. Topics including Webinars, information services for members, services for sponsors, specific cooperative international projects, WUWM internal working mechanism etc. were all discussed during the meeting, mapping out a general direction for future work. He requested the Secretariat to make more efforts on optimizing the administrative procedures of daily work, the organizational formalities for conferences/Board Meetings/financial status and mechanisms of communicating with Chairman/Vice Chairman/Board to build up an excellent teamwork.

He also encouraged WUWM staff to passionately devote themselves in serving WUWM members and developing more value-added service to them, to learn more professional knowledge and gain more expertise in wholesale markets/food/fresh produce sectors through the platform of WUWM in order to deliver better service to WUWM members.

“Our reputation among the members are gained only through hard work, not by talking the talk”, he stressed, putting the member service in the first priority of Secretariat’s daily work. Later after this meeting, more concrete documents about each staff’s responsibility will be formulated and circulated among the members/Board to set up an efficient teamwork.