WUWM Chairman: Year in Summary

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January 16, 2019

The past year 2018 was an important year for me as I was elevated as WUWM Chairman since April 18 in WUWM Barcelona Conference. It meant to me a great honor but also greater responsibility. This year WUWM held two conferences in Barcelona and Gurugram, we faced a critical era of outlining future strategy and a major personnel change in Secretariat. However I feel very much grateful to have all of you for your support by my side, which made me confident in the face of challenges.

The WUWM Board Directors are my fellow coworkers. Since I joined the Board in 2007, I have been working with my international colleagues from whom I learnt priceless experience and valuable ideas. Especially during the last year, you gave me tremendous support and remarkable advice which greatly contributed to our union. I look forward to working with you as always to make WUWM a better place.

My sincere appreciation also goes to all the WUWM staff whoever once worked and now works in Secretariat, Maria Cavit, Natalia Barragan, Marina Dordic and Konstandinos. It was because of their hard work that WUWM runs smoothly and they are the ones who actually provide excellent service to our members. Especially Marina the Executive Secretary and Dino part-time consultant, who admirably carried out their duties when we faced inadequate manpower in Secretariat office and accomplished the significant mission to organize WUWM India Conference.

I would also convey my heartfelt gratitude to our WUWM Members, you are the foundation of WUWM and core players in global food distribution, preserving food diversity and safeguarding health for mankind. On behalf of WUWM Board of Directors and Secretariat, I hereby enclose our tribute to all the WUWM members. I value much your opinions about how WUWM can better serve our members, and we look forward to hearing your voices.

Another person I will mention and thank is Dr. Donald Darnall my predecessor. During his two terms as WUWM Chairman he led and supported me to host WUWM conferences twice in China with great success. Dr. Donald was honored as honorary Chairman on April 18 Barcelona Conference, he is a gentleman that I respected for expertise, knowledge and leadership.

I will also say thank you to Mr. Stephane Layani the Vice Chairman. He is my excellent right-hand man who worked actively with Secretariat and closely cooperated with me, helping me and WUWM shoulder the workload and responsibilities.

Last but not the least I wish to thank Dr. J. S. Yadav who successfully coordinated and organized WUWM India Conference in October, which was the first conference held during my term as Chairman.

I wish to work together with all of you in the year to come.

I would conclude this letter by encouraging our members to apply for WUWM conferences. Your active involvement means precious recognition for WUWM and I want to express my appreciation to all our conference hosts, especially CONACCA, Colombia and Johannesburg Market who are bidding for WUWM conferences in 2019 & 2020. I look forward to seeing you soon in the future.

Zengjun Ma, Chairman, WUWM