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Please check the below websites to get information from markets participating in LYLM 2020

UK : 

France :





Barcelona :


Ireland :

Use of the logo                                                             

One of the tools we have for raising awarness of the campiagn is the use of the Love Your Local Market logo. Our international partners have translated the logo in15 languages. If you don’t find your language version please contact the WUWM Secretariat.

Try to put the logo out everywhere you can – in pins, bags, t-shirts, balloons, on signage, on market stalls, in media communications, etc. The more the merrier, it is an effective way to generate good feeling about the market, with customers and traders alike.

The collage of International logos can be also used in the promotionla materials.

If you would like to use these global logos please contact the WUWM Secretariat (

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and remember to use the hashtag: #LYLM2020

WUWM LYLM International Coordinator: Marina Dordic at