MoU between WUWM and AIAM5

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June 3, 2019

The Global Alliance for the promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption “5 a day” – (AIAM5) is a non-profit Forum of International Collaboration with non-legal status of its own, gathering national associations promoting consumption of fruit and vegetables.
AIAM5 aims to create a powerful international network to promote and support efforts to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables by providing its members with up-to-date information, support resources, and other communication tools to help members operate and communicate their shared messages and experiences efficiently and effectively.

Their motto: “More fruit and vegetables, the best choice for your health”

AIAM5 aims to support national initiatives, promote efficiencies, facilitate collaboration on shared aims and provide global leadership in:

• Support, sustain, protect, enhance and create programs such as “5 a day”.
• Increase consumption of fruit and vegetables in world population within the framework of a healthy diet.
• Bring together entities promoting fruit and vegetable consumption.
• Enhance and value the biodiversity, sustainable systems, environmentally friendly for production and distribution.

The cooperation between the two parties would entail better access to -and availability of- relevant information and expertise in the field of promoting healthy fresh produce consumption, with direct benefit to the services that AIAM5 and WUWM can provide to their members;

Taking into account that the main objective of this Memorandum of Understanding is the exchange of knowledge and information, and the development of activities and materials, which seek to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, benefiting the population and the production of fruits and vegetables in the member countries of the AIAM5.