‘Love Your Local Market’ (LYLM) Campaign in 2019

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June 7, 2019

In 2019 more than 3,300 markets in 19 countries in and beyond Europe are taking part in the  ‘Love Your Local Market’  celebrations  making this the biggest event for the European markets.

Following the very positive response in 2018 , the global LYLM campaign has decided to keep the theme  once again “ Markets close to your heart”. The theme focuses on the idea of proximity of the markets in terms of location, personal contact with traders, with products and customers. The celebrations will be concentrated in May and June of 2019 with many activities and special events.

On 16th May, the international community attended the annual “Love Your Market Celebration Event” at the Belgrade night market. With around 200 providers offering food, artwork and entertainment, Belgrade night market attracts 20,000 visitors and is Serbia’s most popular venue for food and live music. International  delegates were able to try local specialities and take part in the celebrations.

Visit the following websites to find out what other countries are doing with the LYLM campaign nationally in 2019. National campaign overviews can be found below:

UK –          www.loveyourlocalmarket.co

France –    www.jaimemonmarche.com

Ireland –    www.loveyourlocalmarket.ie

Barcelona – www.estimaelteumercat.cat

Germany – www.erlebedeinenmarkt.org

Greece -    www.loveyourlocalmarket.gr

Galicia –    www.quereoteumercado.gal

Belgium -  www.lylm.be

Spain-       www.megustamimercado.es

The minutes resulting from past meetings of the WUWM international LYLM committee are available in the member-only section of the WUWM website.

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