The Global Alliance for the promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption “5 a day” – (AIAM5) is a non-profit Forum of International Collaboration with non-legal status of its own, gathering national associations promoting consumption of fruit and vegetables.

AIAM5 aims to create a powerful international network to promote and support efforts to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables by providing its members with up-to-date information, support resources, and other communication tools to help members operate and communicate their shared messages and experiences efficiently and effectively.

Our motto: “More fruit and vegetables, the best choice for your health”

Support national initiatives, promote efficiencies, facilitate collaboration on shared aims and provide global leadership in:

What do we do?


It can be a full member one association by country, representing nationwide the promotion of fruit and vegetables consumption, which is registered as a legal entity named or not “5 a day”. The membership does not involve any fee.

It can be a collaborating partner any national entities which are in the creation process of an association such as “5 a day”, members of Allied international organizations through an agreement with AIAM5, or any and others who share the goals of the Alliance.

All members are entitled to participate in AIAM5 activities, attend its meetings and receive notices of such meetings, although just full member are the right to vote.

AIAM5 Roadmap

In the General Assembly held in Mexico in 2015, the 26 partners approved the implementation of a roadmap towards a Global Alliance to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Support and influence national governments and international organizations.
  2. Improve food and nutrition security of the population.
  3. Help other countries to establish national institutions for the promotion of fruit and vegetables consumption.
  4. Develop and disseminate scientific evidence on the role of fruit and vegetables and health.
  5. Improve access to fruit and vegetables and increase their consumption throughout the population.
  6. Recruit new members that strengthen the Alliance.
  7. Positioning AIAM5 as a world reference in promoting fruit and vegetable consumption.

To achieve these goals, four working group have been created focused on:

  1. Having the ability to influence.
  2. Improving communication within and outside the Alliance.
  3. Grouped the largest number of active, solid and stable allies.
  4. Ensure that AIAM5 meets the expectations of all its partners.

“We trust that you can work with us and join this exciting workforce toward a Global Network for promotion of fruit and vegetables”

AIAM5 at a glance

Act of Accession – AIAM5 Bylaws

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