German Market Traders Association (BSM)

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Im Johdorf 26
D-53227 Bonn, Germany

Tel: +49 22 8224026
Fax: +49 22 8221936

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Mr Wilfried Thal

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Association Profile

BSM is the national federation of showmen and market traders in Germany, organized at state, regional and local level. It represents approximately 12.000 enterprises (8.000 Market traders, 4.000 Showmen and 3 well-known circuses).

BSM is subdivided into 4 Organization Units, which represent the various professions: Showmen and Circuses, General Market Trading, Weekly Markets and Promotional Sale and Propagandists

It is financed by membership fees and commissions and their main task is lobbying the European Parliament and other authorities which are responsible for the implementation of legislation. BSM also offers consultancy to its members and promotes the preservation of traditional markets and fairs.

BSM is based in Bonn, Germany under the direction of the Secretary.