GFI German Fresh Food Markets e.V.

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Beusselstraße 44 N-Q
D-10553 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 4105 155640

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Mr Frank Willhausen

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GFI Fresh Food Markets was founded in 2000 as marketing association for Germany’s wholesale markets. In 2010 a decision was made to open up the association for retail markets and to expand its remit. GFI sees itself as a network of partners and offers its members the opportunity to share in a wide-ranging exchange of knowledge regarding central issues of trade management and benefit from various platforms for presentation, such as the joint stand at the Fruit Logistica and the website GFI German Fresh Food Markets is the central contact for national or international growers wishing to hold sales promotions at independent, professionally run food retail outlets.

These markets guarantee a wide variety of top quality fresh produce, especially fruit and vegetables. Membership consists of both wholesale and retail markets. Between them, they ensure the availability of good, nutritious food for around 100 million consumers in Germany and neighbouring European countries.

Wholesale markets are central, urban trading platforms where around 2,600 small and medium sized wholesalers, importers and growers supply fresh produce from the region and all over the world to around 53,000 customers in the specialist, independent food retail business, such as greengrocery shops and street markets, and to large-scale caterers and top restaurant chefs. Annual turnover of goods is around 7.4 million tonnes with a total value of roughly 9.8 billion euros.
In Germany more than 3,000 weekly street markets and 15,000 greengrocer’s shops are numbered among the retail markets.