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P.O. Box 47
3890 AA Zeewolde, Netherlands

Tel: +31 365409945

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Mr Henk Achterhuis

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Organisational Profile

The CVAH is the National Federation of Market Traders in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1921 and has 7,500 members. Members are organised at local level within 38 branches, which represent the collective interests of the market traders with Dutch local government.

The CVAH has an extensive network and wherever markets are on the agenda, the CVAH is involved. This includes issues such as payment transactions, accessibility of inner cities, petty crime and European rules and regulations.

The CVAH has negotiated several framework agreements providing much added value to its membership. The Federation invests much effort into professionalising the industry. Further an agreement was made with the Minister of Labour to encourage health and safety in the workplace. An extensive range of courses and training opportunities has been developed for market traders and their personnel.

The most important communication tools for CVAH include its website, a monthly magazine called ‘De Koopman’, facebook (decvah) and twitter(@decvah).