Markets Alive Support Team Ltd (MAST)

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Clarinda Mews, 23 Clarinda Park West, Dun Laoghaine
Dublin, Ireland

Tel: +35312300788
Fax: +35312300788

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Ms Alicia O'Reilly

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Organisational Profile

In 2010, Alicia O’Reilly & Ciaran Casey brought the 4th WUWM Retail Market Conference to Dublin. Feedback from speakers & delegates during the conference made it clear that Irish market traders were not receiving the same level of support as their EU brethren. As a result, we started MAST.
MAST is recognised by every Irish Local Authority & provides the most comprehensive support for Irish market traders & operators. MAST members get:

• Market traders/operators Public, Product & Employers Liability Insurance.
• €70,000 legal fee insurance.
• Free legal & medical advice.
• Free counselling.
• Representation.
• Information.

Alicia O’Reilly has many years’ experience in the insurance industry & has with worked with Irish market traders since 2000. She is recognised as a leading authority on Irish markets & market trading.
Ciaran Casey ran a jewellery stall in Dublin for 17 years & then quit to do a course in Radio Broadcasting. He has presented a live music programme for RTE 1 & used his broadcasting skills to produce & present Dublin’s winning bid to host the 2010 Retail Market Conference.

We are passionate believers in the importance of small business and a major goal is to persuade Irish local authorities to develop market facilities & to join WUWM.