Jose Augusto Ramos Rocha

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Rua da Quinta Grande 3
2780-156 Oeiras, Portugal

Tel: +351 214 406029


Jose Augusto Ramos Rocha

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Jose Augusto Ramos Rocha was formerly the Chairman of SIMAB in Portugal and has continued to work in the food sector in a variety of capacities since departing.

He was WUWM Chairman from 2004-2006, and an active member of the WUWM Board for several years prior to his appointment as Chairman.

Ramos Rocha was instrumental in bringing about the establishment of a medium to long-term Strategic Plan for the WUWM and was effective in opening the Union to retail membership and activities. Under his chairmanship, a WUWM regional section in Latin America was established and market membership in the Latin countries strengthened.

Ramos Rocha also participated as one of the judges in the 2010 WUWM Market Awards. He continues to actively participate in WUWM activities where possible.