Guizhou is known as 'The Big Data Center' of China

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September 2, 2019

Guizhou Province has achieved great development in the data industry over the past several years, the big data technology in Guizhou has grown from zero to an advanced industry that it has become today. Guizhou Province saw the third-fastest growth among China’s 31 regional districts in the first half of the year, growing by 10.5 percent. In 2016, Guiyang the capital of the Guizhou province  was named as the Best-Performing City in China by the Milken Institute owing to the city's "growth in jobs, wages, gross domestic product (GDP).This growth is attributed to Guiyang's investments in computing and big data.

Guizhou is home to over 9,500 big data enterprises and more than 10,000 enterprises have engaged in cloud computing. The government of the Guizhou Province has successfully motivated 1,625 real economy enterprises to integrate more deeply with big data and as a result have seen a 24.6% increase in the added value due to big data. The new economy accounts for 19% of the total E-economy. Guizhou Big Data Center which is located in Guiyang  has attracted many visitors from all walks of life from China as well as from abroad.

Big data and E-commerce have brought about new-emerging methods to the traditional commerce. All over the world the fresh produce wholesale markets industry is facing the challenges and opportunities arising from Big data and E-commerce trends.
How to perfectly combine the big data technology and agricultural trade in order to embrace the new trends is a hot topic to examine. Guiyang presents an ideal city to examine how the fresh produce wholesale markets will face the challenges of the E-era.

We expect an estimated number of 200 participants to attend this Congress from some 40 countries, including delegates from foreign ago-products wholesale markets, relevant officials from embassies & consulates in China, representatives from related international organizations and chambers of commerce, and representatives from China’s domestic agro-products wholesale markets, dealers, production bases, processing enterprises, research institutes, government departments as well as related industry associations.

We hope to see you there!