WUWM Guiyang Congress Communiqué

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December 10, 2019

The 36th World Union of Wholesale Markets Congress was solemnly held in Guiyang City - “The Digital Valley of China” - from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2019 with the theme “Digitalization Sustains Future, Globalization Nourishes Supply Chain”. Elites of the industry from 24 countries gathered to exchange ideas on digital technology innovation & application in agricultural product wholesale markets sector, and discussed the path to the future of this industry.

The Congress pointed out that: China is the pioneer in developing agri-product e-commerce and digitalization whose innovation and exploration in digitalization has provided valuable experience. Guiyang is the center of China’s Big Data, also an important conjunction for Western Land-sea Corridor. The progress of Big Data does not only provide a rock-solid backup for agri-product wholesale markets to embrace the new technology, but also facilitates the development of Guizhou’s specialty agri-products supply chain, both national widely and globally.

The Congress examined: Digitalization sustains the future of agri-product wholesale markets. The enormous change of consumption model and logistic methods put forward new requirements for agri-product circulation industry to adopt digital technology, and motivates the process of digitalization of wholesale markets.

4G changes life, 5G changes society. The innovation and utilization of artificial intelligence and block chain will generate tremendous influence to social development, as well as to the development of agri-product circulation, agri-product wholesale markets, agri-product retail markets and agri-product supply chain.

Facts proved that going on a path of digitalization and pursuing intelligent development is an effective way to elevate the managerial level and efficiency for wholesale markets. By implementing digitalization, Paris Rungis International Market has improved efficiency of operation and service, raised the brand value of the wholesalers and their commodities. Inner Mongolia Meitong Market in China has been undergone the transition of intelligence, replacing human labor by information technology.

The Congress also recognized that: in the future wholesale markets will serve as the core of agri-product supply chain. The utilization of new digital technology has broken regional restrictions, extremely expanded the length and breadth of supply chain. The new technology will in return empower the wholesale industry, to build up new business models and create value supply chain. With the advantages in its mechanism which allows the general market price to come into being and which provides premise for scaled-up trade, wholesale markets will eventually become the core of the agri-product supply chain and value supply chain, a leading driving force for optimizing efficiency of supply chain.

China is the largest agricultural products (food) market in the world, the advancing of “Belt and Road Initiative” is advantageous for promoting international communication and cooperation among agri-product wholesale markets, which will greatly improve the efficiency and globalization of agri-product supply chain.

Survival of the fittest prevails. Let the wholesale markets all over the world join our hands, and embrace new technologies, to make good use of big data resource and strengthen communication and cooperation. Let us accelerate promoting digital and intelligent development of wholesale markets industry to create more value for the society, so as to eventually deliver on people's aspirations for better life.