WUWM Chairman: Year in Summary

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December 24, 2019

As the year of 2019 draws to a close, with the help and support of our colleagues and members of WUWM, we have done a lot of work. At the spring conference in Belgrade, we jointly set down the use of new payment methods, the website upgrade and the design of the new image of WUWM. We put aside minor differences so as to seek common ground, and your vision and in-depth discussion have brought concrete changes to WUWM.

In 2019, we renewed the cooperative agreements with AIAM5 and FAO, so that the influence of WUWM is growing through the way of working together with more international organizations. This year, we welcomed Mr. Arturo Salvador Fernández Martínez from Mexico joining the Board, so that the wholesale markets in Latin America will be better represented. It proves that WUWM is going on the road of internationalization and globalization.

Here I would like to express my gratitude to you all to come to China for the Guiyang Congress in November. We gathered to exchange ideas on digital technology innovation & application in agricultural product wholesale markets sector, and discussed the path to the future of this industry. China has provided valuable experience to the wholesale markets all over the world in developing and exploring  e-commerce and digitalization of agri-product.

Moreover, I would like to convey the special gratitude to the colleagues of Secretariat, Board Members and Vice-Chairman Mr. Layani on inviting speakers as well as members to participate the two conferences. Thanks for all your hard work and your knowledge, which made these two conferences a complete success.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous new year in 2020!

The two WUWM conferences will be hosted in Italy and Mexico respectively in 2020. I look forward to meeting you again in May of 2020!

Zengjun Ma, Chairman, WUWM