WUWM 2020 Elections- Call for Director and Vice Chairman Nominations

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February 28, 2020

WUWM Board election information regarding the submission of candidatures for the 2020 elections has been sent this week to each member.

Any candidate nominations for the open positions should be received by the WUWM Secretariat by post or e-mail by close of day Monday, 6th April 2020. Nomination forms for the open position of Director and Vice Chairman have been sent for this purpose, along with information detailing Board member obligations.

A second election mailing will be sent to all members after 6th April, 2020. This letter will inform you of the names of candidates nominated in these elections, and will also include a proxy voting form for those members not able to attend but who may wish to vote by proxy via another participating member.
These 2020 elections will be held during the Membership Meeting which is to be convened on Friday, 29th May 2020 during the official WUWM Conference programme in Florence, Italy at www.wuwmconference.org.
It is important that all voting members be up-to-date with their membership fee payments because in order to be eligible to vote at this event, directly or via proxy, no membership fees may be outstanding.

All the 2020 membership fees invoices have been sent electronically, if you have not received your invoice please let us know.