World Food Day and Food Heroes

October 16, 2020

In this international Food Day we want to thank all the actors working in the fresh food supply chain and particularly to all the staff within the wholesale markets for their work and the commitment that they showed during the Covid-19 crisis!


The outbreak of the coronavirus brought about unprecedented challenges for the food supply sector. The COVID-19 crisis showed to the world how food security is a capital issue for human societies, and that is a stake that should be prioritized in government agenda.


Due to the confinement measures implemented across the world, food demand has rapidly changed since the beginning of the crisis, food shortages where feared worldwide, and some countries suffered from lack of products and price volatility.


More than ever wholesale markets showed the capital role they ensure to enhance food security at local level. Many governments recognized the capital work of wholesale markets and wholesalers in ensuring healthy diets during the crisis.


Wholesale markets responded and adapted quickly by adapting working protocols, that minimized the risks of contagion in the operations that are carried out on a daily basis, and by developing new ways of trade (online, new distribution systems.). Whilst other traditional food actors supply chains where stuck, wholesaler’s know-how skills allowed citizens all around the world to have access to healthy food during this difficult time.


Mr Stéphane Layani acting Chairman of World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) pointed out that during the past months we saw citizens from all over the world running to the supermarkets to buy food and being afraid of having shortages in the food distribution. “Wholesale markets can be proud of their work: if the supply chain resisted it is because the wholesale markets were there!” he claimed.


More than ever citizens want to eat fresh and local produce with less environmental impact and with a guarantee of traceability and safety. Modern wholesale markets are the only ones that have today the structure to provide a sustainable food system worldwide for a growing urban population.


Many of WUWM members have set up food donation and solidarity programs also during the crisis donating unsold goods to associations with which they have established long-term partnerships.


Thanks to our #heroes for their work! Thanks to all the staff working within the wholesale markets for their engagement, resilience and endurance to bring food to as many as possible!

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