E.N. Mercasa S.A

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Paseo de la Habana, 180
28036 Madrid, Spain

Tel: +34 91 350 0609
Fax: +34 91 3504790

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Mr Jose Ramón Sempere

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Mercasa, a state owned company (under the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain), owns and manages, with the Municipalities of each city, a network of Food Wholesale Markets composed by 23 Food Hubs located in the outskirts of major cities in Spain. This network is a unique model in the world.
The Network of Mercasa has more than 7,7 million m2, 1 million of them devoted to net market surface, and 2 million m2 of Complementary Activity Zones in which more than 1400 companies of distribution, logistics, processing, preparation and handling, restaurants, catering, etc. are present. A total number of 3.600 companies are developing their activities in the network of Wholesale Markets, of which 2600 are fruit, vegetables, fish, flowers and meat wholesalers.
More than 6,8 million tons are traded annually through the network of 23 wholesale markets, representing a turnover of 11.873 million €.
Establish in 1966, Mercasa has more than 50 years of experience in the design, management and modernization of wholesale markets and is and has an extensive international experience in the design and implementation of both wholesale and retail markets.
Some figures:
23 wholesale markets
Total turnover (2015): 6.822.831 tons, 11.873,5 millions €
Products: F&V, fish, meat, flowers and non-perishable products.