Polish Wholesale Market Association

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Stowarzyszenie Polskie Rynki Hurtowe
Ul. Poznanska 98
05-850 Bronisze, Poland

Tel: +48 618763415
Fax: +48618769381

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Miroslaw Mazuruk

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Despite a relatively short period of development, Poland's wholesale markets can boast a considerable share (close to 40%) in the wholesale traffic in foodstuffs and fresh garden products destined for immediate consumption.
In order to meet the expectations of businesses to integrate the operation of Poland's wholesale markets, the “Stowarzyszenie Polskie Rynki Hurtowe” [Polish Wholesale Market Association] was created in Warsaw in 2004. The objective of the association is to undertake common campaigns aimed at the consolidation of wholesale markets in the ever-more competitive Polish and EU market place.
The priorities of the association, apart from representation of its members, includes the pooling of experience concerning the organisation and operation of wholesale markets, with special regard to quality of management and safety of produce; promotion of Polish garden and food products, including the development of a strong brand common to all the markets for use with the produce; creation of a common integrated IT, logistics and distribution systems as the basis for providing large supplies to the domestic market and abroad; and taking the initiative in the field of market development; as well as promoting changes in the structure of trade, and development of the market environment.
An important field of activity involves supporting initiatives concerning integration of operations and exchange of experience with organisations with similar objectives written in their articles of incorporation, especially thosefrom the European Union.