Celebrating the Love Your Local Market Campaign: A Recap of the 2023 Transnational Celebration Event 

June 10, 2023

Given its considerable recognition, most of our readers are acquainted with the Love Your Local Market (LYLM) campaign. Still, for those unfamiliar with it, LYLM is an annual international campaign promoting the value and importance of local fresh food street markets. As part of the campaign, markets worldwide come together to raise awareness of the benefits of fresh and healthy diets and encourage people to shop at their local markets. LYLM has become a key event in the wholesale markets calendar, with many markets actively participating in the campaign.  


This year, LYLM has organized memorable activities throughout May month of May. The campaign celebration site was transnational, which was a first for LYLM. The event occurred on May 12th in Kehl (Germany) and May 13th in Strasbourg (France).  


The LYLM campaign is a powerful tool to empower and give visibility to fresh food street markets, which are vital actors in promoting healthy food environments at the local level. Fresh food markets are often municipal, making them one of the best urban food policies of cities to foster healthy diets and ensure the availability of a large variety of fresh produce to citizens. Promoting fresh and healthy diets, LYLM makes choosing nutritious and sustainable food easier.  


Participants from Europeans Wholesale Markets (France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, and England) joined to celebrate the campaign. The LYLM event began with a market visit to Kehl with the mayor. The event continued with a photo on the bridge with representatives. Later, a cocktail dinner was organized in the new Halle Marché-Gare.   


The WUWM took the occasion to organize a board meeting in presential to discuss regular WUWM activities.   


On May 13th, the LYLM celebration continued in Strasbourg with a breakfast at the Strasbourg Town Hall. A representative of Lord Mayor gave a welcome speech, followed by an answering speech by WUWM Chairman, Mr Stéphane Layani, and also the WUWM retail group director, Mr Auguste, and the WUWM director Ms Steinemeyer. Participants then walked to the organic products and growers Market in the Old Customs building area. This was followed by a walk to another nearby market, with lunch at a winstub in the city centre. Finally, participants had free time to explore the city or return home.  


In conclusion, the LYLM campaign is a valuable tool in supporting fresh food street markets, which are vital actors in promoting healthy food environments at the local level. We encourage all WUWM members to participate in this fantastic campaign, which positively impacts the local economy and the environment. 

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