WUWM Conference – “The Green Market: A Profitable Investment”

22 - 25 May 2012
Berlin, Germany

Executive summary:

During the WUWM Conference in Berlin experts discussed taking care of the environment and sustainable energy concepts, including the use of solar power, heat pumps, and improving recycling and waste systems. Furthermore, the attendants examined disaster management and insurance strategies. Experts underlined that it is important to have an action plan in case of a disaster and to be prepared. Some of the identified highest risks to wholesale and retail markets are fire and water hazards, power cuts, and natural disasters. Markets should continuously examine insurance options to cover for disasters.

The key outcomes of this meeting are:

  1. Conference delegates had the opportunity to learn ways they can increase profit and business success via more effective resource management and modernized environmental practices. Conference speakers began the event program with discussion on issues related to sustainable building and new energy management methods designed to reduce running costs. In the case of restructuring the wholesale market, the following three points were deemed to be of special importance:
    1. Benefit: attractive fees for tenants, competitive ability, low running costs
    2. Material: use of future-oriented, sustainable materials
    3. Process: integration of all stakeholders from the start of the process
  2. Sustainable Energy Concepts were also discussed, including combining different energy systems to help reduce running costs. Of specific relevance:
    1. Know-how: Energy consultants can give advice on the perfect energy-mix for the wholesale market. (e.g. specialized energy-consulting companies or specialized departments in council offices/ town council).
    2. Profit: 5 – 30% reduction of energy costs is possible (also for existing buildings)
    3. Best time: right now, quick saving effects up to 25% for existing buildings
    4. Technologies: e.g. solar power, heat pump, recycling (waste), example: solar cells on the market roof in Berlin covers 80% of the market’s energy needs.
  3. After a field trip to Feldheim, issued related to disaster management and insurance strategies were explored. This resulted in the following main points:
    1. Insurance: It is useful to compare needs, cover and existing insurance benefits. It is important to discuss the “right cover” with specialists, experts, and tenants.
    2. Master plan: It is helpful to have a plan in case of a disaster and to be prepared.
    3. Risks: Highest risks currently are fire, water, power cuts, and natural disasters.
    4. Action: Inform all partners, have a plan of what is most important, as well as clear, defined responsibilities. Acting instead of re-acting.
    5. Challenge: Because of new interactive and immediate communication forms the market must react quickly and effectively.
    6. Media: Contact with journalists offering clear, honest and concise explanations of the situation is vital.

Main issues discussed:

  • Green Building on Markets – Win-Win for Landlord, Tenant and Environment
    • Ephraim Gothe, State Secretary of Senate for Urban Development and the Environment, Berlin
    • Jan Lloyd, CEO, New Covent Garden Market, London, United Kingdom
    • Michel Schutzbach, Vice President, Scandic Hotel Group Stockholm, Sweden
    • Hermann Horster, Regional Director, BNP Paribas Real Estate Consult
  • Sustainable Energy Concepts: The benefits of combining different Energy Systems
    • Michael Geißler, CEO Berliner Energieagentur GmbH, Berlin (Germany)
    • Carsten Beier, Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety & Energy Technology UMSICHT, Oberhausen (Germany)
    • Achim Geigle, Executive Board Member, NaturEnergie AG (Germany)
    • Timo Kalevi Taulavuori, Managing Director, City of Helsinki Wholesale Market (Finland)
    • Colin Wolstenholme, Markets Manager, Bradford City (UK)
    • Dr Christoph Zschocke, Managing Partner Ökotec Energiemanagement GmbH, Berlin
  • (Field Study): Circular Economy: Guided Tour through Feldheim (Energiequelle GmbH)
  • Disaster Management and Insurance Strategies
    • Vanessa Moreno, Management Controller, MERCASA (Spain)
    • Peter Joppa, Managing Director, FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH (Germany)
    • Dr Donald J. Darnall, Executive Director, MFCA Baltimore (USA)
    • Stefan Braasch, Managing Director deas Deutsche Assekuranz-Makler GmbH, Berlin (Germany)
    • Bernhard Schodrowski, Deputy Speaker of the Senate of Berlin (Germany)
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