FLAMA Vice President and WUWM Board Member Promotes Commercial Exchange in Brazil  

June 10, 2023

During his visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from March 16th to 19th, Mr Raul Giboudot, Vice President of FLAMA and board member of WUWM, aimed to promote positive actions to enhance the growing commercial approach between Latin American countries, particularly Brazil and Argentina. This approach is stimulated, in part, by the work of the Latin American Federation of Wholesale Markets (FLAMA), which encourages commercial cooperation between countries in the region, the exchange of products and services, and the creation of partnerships between businesses from different countries.   

To this end, Mr Giboudot participated in a commercial roundtable between Argentine and Brazilian entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sectors, representing a significant portion of bilateral trade. The event was initiated at the Consulate of Argentina in Rio de Janeiro and aimed to strengthen commercial relations between the two countries. During the roundtable, the Argentine Ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Scioli, highlighted the importance of trade between Brazil and Argentina, emphasizing that both countries have much to gain from this approach.   

In addition to this roundtable, the Argentine delegation, led by Giboudot, visited the Ceasa/RJ unit in Irajá, located in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Ceasa/RJ is an essential wholesale market in the region, and the visit aimed to discuss issues related to the wholesale market, such as the importance of wholesale markets for the local economy and the role of rural producers in supplying quality food to the population. During his visit, Mr Giboudot also met with the Secretary of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Supply of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Flávio Campos Ferreira, to discuss these issues further.   

In summary, the visit of the Vice President of FLAMA and a board member of WUWM to Brazil aimed to promote commercial exchange, regional integration, and the development of the region’s wholesale markets. These positive actions will continue to foster the growing commercial approach between Latin American countries, leading to further benefits for all involved.   

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