December 20, 2023

Food Donation initiatives in wholesale markets

The EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (FLW) has formed a sub-group in order to support the work of the Commission and all Platform members in relation to food donation and food waste prevention. The main idea is the exchange of best practices, information and know-how related to the recovery and redistribution of surplus food, in line with the waste hierarchy.

The WUWM, has always been very sensitive in matters of FLW and has proved it so, via its work the previous years. It has therefore been a member of the platform, and in this context, its Vice-Chairman, Ioannis Triantafyllis, delivered a presentation during the third meeting of the Food Donation Sub-Group, which took place on 28 November 2023, in Brussels and via teleconferencing.

Mr Triantafyllis, shared insights and a sample of good practices from the work done by European wholesale markets. The presentation can be found in the electronic address :

In WUWM we believe that our market members are champions of the fight again Food Loss and Food Waste, which is among the most crucial challenges faced by modern societies.
Should you require more detailed information or have specific inquiries related to the content of the presentation, you are encouraged to reach out directly to the Vice-Chairman or the WUWM Secretariat. They will be more than happy to provide additional insights and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in our efforts to promote sustainable practices within the wholesale market community.

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