The German Association of Wholesale Markets (GFI) Study Trip to Paris

June 1, 2023

The German Association of Wholesale Markets (GFI) recently completed their annual study trip to Paris, the latest destination following previous trips to London, Madrid, Athens, Lisbon, and Bologna. The largest GFI delegation to date, consisting of 30 managers of wholesale and weekly markets, including the WUWM board member Eliane Steinmeyer, participated in the four-day study tour. The trip aimed to exchange experiences and gain insights into sustainable market concepts. It was supported by Jean-Paul Auguste, WUWM board member and President of the Groupe Géraud, by Valérie Vion, Agricultural and Internation Advisor of Rungis’ Chairman, and by the Policy Advisor of the World Union of Wholesale Markets.   


During the study trip, the delegation visited the Rungis wholesale market, five indoor markets, and seven local markets. The trip also included official visits to the German Embassy, the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce, and the Paris office of Germany Trade Invest. The participants gained valuable insights into market management and sustainable market concepts, which they can apply to their work in Germany.   


Rolf Strobel, GFI Executive Board Member, was thrilled with the excursion to the Île-de-France, given that Paris is the origin of French cuisine, and there is no better way to experience a culture than through its food. Markets are a shopper’s paradise and a reflection of the local lifestyle, from authentic to trendsetting. Thus, the GFI study trip offered significant opportunities and benefits to the delegation members, including exchanging experiences with colleagues, gaining insights into sustainable market concepts, and visiting world-class wholesale and local markets and provided valuable ideas and impulses for the delegation members’ work in Germany, enabling them to improve their wholesale and weekly markets’ management and sustainability.  


In light of this fantastic opportunity, WUWM strongly supports and encourages chances for wholesale markets around the world to exchange information, knowledge, and experience. As the one presented, initiatives are crucial for fostering commercial relationships among wholesale markets and sharing best practices. Through such exchanges, wholesale markets can learn from each other and adopt best practices that improve their operations, increase efficiency, and enhance their ability to provide quality products. These opportunities also provide a platform for wholesale market professionals to connect, network, and build relationships, which can lead to new business opportunities and collaborations. WUWM believes these types of exchanges are essential for the continued growth and development of wholesale markets worldwide and strongly welcomes and supports them.   

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